Our Mission

At Spotlight kids camp. Our mission is to create fun-filled opportunities that will awaken your child’s creative spirit and imagination in a non-competitive environment. Our focus on developing a child’s self-confidence, their awareness of others and improving their teamwork skills,

Here at Spotlight Kids Camp, every child is a star, and every star gets a chance to shine!

Our Story

Spotlight Kids Camp was started in response to a growing need for creative, educational opportunities for children of working families in the Santa Barbara area. We offer affordable, fun camps where children of all backgrounds come and learn a variety of skills, develop their talents, make new friends, and learn to have fun interacting with their peers. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to participate and flourish in a world of music, singing, dance and art. Our educational and friendly programs are made available to everyone; we have an inclusion policy for our special-needs kids, as well as provide financial assistance to low-income families through our scholarship program.

Help Support Spotlight Kids Camp!

All Donations to Spotlight Kids Camp are 100% tax deductible. Spotlight Kids Camp is a certified 501c3 Nonprofit.
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